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More on raw food

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More on raw food Empty More on raw food

Post by Maybird Wed Oct 23, 2013 10:41 am

I know this is an on going subject on here and many say raw meat it is a more natural diet for dogs but I just wondered if a raw meat diet is enough or do you have to give other things to make sure the dog gets all the nutrients it needs.
An animal in the wild would be eating a very different type of meat to what we are giving our domestic animals it would be animals such as deers, reptiles, small mammals and many others and they will eat every part of the prey including fur, bones and the internal organs and carnivores in the wild do not only eat meat but would also eat vegetation and most commonly other animals poop to get all the nutrition they need.
Presumably a raw meat diet for our dogs today will mostly consist of beef, lamb pork and poultry which apart from the poultry are meats that contain a lot of saturated fats ...unhealthy fat for us so is it also for dogs....and they will be having more of this than in commercial dog foods, most meat that animals eat in the wild tends to be lower in fat.
Dogs can actually live on a vegetarian diet... unlike cats who must have meat... and many do if they have vegetarian owners so wonder if any owners here have dogs on a vegetarian diet and what the opinion on that is
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Minor Puppy

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More on raw food Empty Re: More on raw food

Post by TracyDi Sat Feb 15, 2014 8:58 pm

dont know about the vegetarian diet for dogs, I would have thought dogs need meat in their diet. There is barf diet raw meat and ive also seen barf veg and herbs i think it was, that they recommend adding to the barf frozen raw meat. I saw it on berriewood wholesale on the internet. My worry with that is a dog still needs something hard to che on so i think they recommend raw bones and frozen chicken wings, that then males me think about on a vets advice that chicken bones are not safe for dogs as they can splinter. much confusion LOL

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