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Barking at night

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Barking at night Empty Barking at night

Post by Golder Thu Mar 01, 2012 9:51 pm

Firstly I'll apologise for only coming on for advice I shall try harder I promise Wink

Right yes I'm aware he's a dog and he is going to bark, but really if I get they are a loyal protective breed this is one of the things I liked as my oh works evenings every other week, but as soon as it goes dark he's out barking, we have a dog door I don't want to have to shut it as I like he can go out pee, run about like a loon etc as he pleases but at the minute I'm having to shut it just to stop him barking it must drive the neighbours nuts it does me,

How do I stop him bar bringing him in, I say no quiet and he stops then starts again, I say no come in and bless him he does but if I don't shut the flap he's off again 5 minutes later, what he's barking at who knows, I wouldn't mind if it was just when people enter the cul de sac but it's more than that

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Barking at night Empty Re: Barking at night

Post by Liz b Fri Mar 02, 2012 7:34 am

I have the same problem with Maggie Mae as soon as she outside and alone head goes back and off she goes. I found telling her to be quite etc only worked short period and only works if I am in eye line. So I broke this cycle by as soon as she started wih out looking at her or speaking
Lead her from the garden into the porch or somewhere away from ppl or noise and were she did not wanna be . She hated being away from the action and after a few mins let her out and continued this until she made the connection have to be committed to it though it's a starting point in training when u r there so until u feel progress has been made it not a solution for instant results but u can't short cut these things or buy any hong to stop them as I have learnt cause u start back at square one.
Mags now goes outside has the odd little bark but u can see when she wants to go full flow she looks at me and stops
Liz b
Liz b
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Barking at night Empty Re: Barking at night

Post by simbalove Sat Mar 03, 2012 2:26 pm

Honesty you just need to restrict his freedom once the sun goes down - or you are going to have the environmental health knocking on your door. Obviously he is going to bark at any little sound he hears in the dark when he can't see. All dogs do but its only the dogs who are left outside who become a nuisance.

He should be able to control his bladder - and although your dog door is great for him being able to go whenever he likes it isn't any help if you have to take hime somewhere else. So make sure he has a piddle after his tea - take him out before you go to bed and stand with him while he goes and so you can shush him if he does bark too much and that should solve the problem xxxx

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Barking at night Empty Re: Barking at night

Post by Sponsored content

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