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    Is milk harmful?

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    Is milk harmful? Empty Is milk harmful?

    Post by sands-62 Fri Jun 08, 2012 6:36 am

    Just a thought, I have being giving Mali & Tasha fresh milk (semi skimmed) in the mornings lately with their brekky, but then someone said it was harmful to dogs. Is this right, does anyone know. I am wondering if it is because Mali kept asking to go out yesterday and doing little tiny runny poo's. I thought that it may be it was over feeding, because one day she eats hardly anything and another she will eat really well, which has done this week. Just wondered if anyone knew about this.
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    Is milk harmful? Empty Re: Is milk harmful?

    Post by simbalove Fri Jun 08, 2012 8:13 am

    I find milk can make them a bit loose but lots of dogs are given milk and I have never heard of it being harmful to them. If you were giving milk to a young puppy I would recommend either a bitch milk substitute like Whelpi or goats milk which is a lot more like bitch milk than cows milk is.

    I have in the past bought cooked sliced chicken to give to Josh when we were doing agility and on the occasions I did he was always loose afterwards then when I looked on the label it had milk added to it.

    If they have been having milk for a while and it is only just happening then I would suspect some other reason. But if it has happened from a day or two after you started then I guess it is the milk.

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