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Home Waiting in Manchester - Page 2 Empty Re: Home Waiting in Manchester

Post by sands-62 Sat Mar 10, 2012 5:01 pm

winnie105 wrote:She is doing ok - a few teething problems as expected. She only seems to like tin dog food which isnt ideal, tried a few dry/kibble and she finds it too hard, even when made moist she isnt interested. She cant get upstairs (yet), only down coming downstairs this morning. Other half had a comedy moment last night when she broke away from her collar and did a runner down the road - he wa amazed how fast she ran with her little ears flapping in the wind. So new collar & lead for her today. Having a weekend in just to keep her company and calm, she has had a lot of fuss since coming home its time now to get into routines and settle down.

I am so pleased she is finding a bit of spirit as Shih Tzu's do. I remember Mali when she was about the same age as Honey , my hairdresser said to bring her in next time I would love to see her . So I did, I was all excited trotting into town with her on the end of the lead until I went to get some money from the cash point.When I had my card in the machine she decided to slip her lead . I wasn't sure whether to wait to retrieve my card and money or run after her as she went flying down the high street. Luckily some young girls saw what happened and as Mali does she will go to anyone, she let her pick her up until I reached her. So after that -and it wasn't the first time she had slipped her lead - I bought a harness and have not had that problem since, which can also be attached to a seat belt extention in the car. Is the kibble she is eating now the same as she was eating at the Rescue Centre? You could try a little bit of grated cheese on it to tempt her . My two love that or give her a little scrambled egg. Then she is getting some protein.
teddy hug
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Best In Show

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Home Waiting in Manchester - Page 2 Empty Re: Home Waiting in Manchester

Post by sujay Sun Mar 11, 2012 8:21 am

It sounds like Honey is settling in nicely. I can just imagine you poor other half watching her run away in the distance. lol! They can certainly run fast when they want to!

Give her a chance to settle and then try the kibble again, everything is strange at the minute and she will need a bit of time to get used to things. Maybe try the Natures Menu frozen nuggets if she likes soft food. Smile
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Home Waiting in Manchester - Page 2 Empty Re: Home Waiting in Manchester

Post by simbalove Sun Mar 11, 2012 11:32 am

Most dogs will turn their nose up at kibble if they are used to food with real flavour lol!. Using the tinned food she eats, mix it with some hot water and then soak the kibble in it and try that (though don't be surprised if you find kibble with all the meat liquid sucked out of it left!)

Don't let her fool you that kibble is too hard... dogs' teeth can crucnh through bones - even little dogs lmao but it is what they are used to. I feed Natures Menu Banquet nuggets and since I have fed that Josh won't even chew a chunk of meat let alone crunch a bone even though he ate only raw chicken wings when he was little... lazly little ***! Though he can crunch up a James Wellbeloved Crackerjack biscuit with no trouble lol!

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Home Waiting in Manchester - Page 2 Empty Re: Home Waiting in Manchester

Post by Mishihtzu Mon Jun 25, 2012 2:23 pm

Hi, I need to re-home my 4 year old male shih tzu, he's KC registered, neutered, microchipped  and all injections are up to date, he's not good with children though this is why I am re-homing him as I have a baby, i am happy to let him go for free to a good home. I do have another Shih Tzu, so he's used to being round other dogs but he is the dominant bossy one of the 2. If someone wants to take them both im happy to let them go as they have been together since pups, though my main focus is to re-home Charlie. He's a complex character, he's lovely 90% of the time but can be a grumpy and snappy sometimes especially with strangers if they try to stroke him, but if your willing to take the time to gain his trust and you don't have children he's generally a good dog, obedient, good on and off the lead and lovely once he knows you, it is breaking my heart having to re-home him, but if i don't i will have to lock him away as he cant be trusted and this will upset him, I dont want to have to do that, i would rather he had a happy life than be locked away here while the baby is around, I'll be very sad to see him go 
: ( please call if you want to meet him thanks Michelle, I am in Preston, Lancashire 07896748223

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Minor Puppy

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Home Waiting in Manchester - Page 2 Empty Re: Home Waiting in Manchester

Post by Sponsored content

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