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Car Seat Size Empty Car Seat Size

Post by Baoshi's mommy on Wed Feb 01, 2012 6:45 pm


I ordered a car booster seat, small, knowing it would work for Bijou and intending to try it for Baoshi then order a 2nd one. I have a mini, so if I can get by with a small, all the better. It seems fine for her but then I remembered she was six months on Jan. 6 1/2 months old I guess about. So....will she get much bigger? The seat is rather expensive. If I had a bigger car I'd probably get the medium and not worry about it. But in my car with the medium, I wouldn't be able to lay either back seat down to extend the trunk space. So the medium would go up front...taking up tons of room. At her current size she doesn't need the medium at all. She can even lie down diagnally or straight with her head resting on the little dip in front. She seems to like to stretch out lying down and there's room for that.

What do you think? Will she get much bigger? Oh sorry...more backgrouond. My current vet said she's six lbs but the last one said 8 lbs (I don't think the scales are very accurate for small dogs.) Her mother was 10 lbs and her father was 9 lbs. I guess most of you go by kgms or something? And I'm sure I'm not using the right terms for her parents either, lol.

They were both very excited to try it out in the living room; let's hope it goes as well in the car. Which it should, they both love car rides.

Baoshi's mommy
Baoshi's mommy

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Car Seat Size Empty Re: Car Seat Size

Post by Golder on Thu Mar 01, 2012 9:43 pm

Car seats? They do dog car seats?

Um If it's expensive I'd go with the bigger size lasts longer, would a crate not work better or even harnesses and seat belt clips?

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