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Holistic Food

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Holistic Food Empty Holistic Food

Post by Michaela Sun Apr 25, 2010 8:53 pm

I have just been to a show and bought some holistic dog food for Biscuit. It is by Green Dog puppy food Turkey and Brown rice. The label says it is
100%natural human-grade raw materials
Turkey,Whole Mixed Grains,Vegetables
With Bioactive herbs for optimal health
Hypoallergenic & Holactive.
Biscuit likes it and I have been mixing it in with his eukanuba 25% New and 75% old to start with.
Does any one know much about this make of food or these types of food. I am interested to know if I am doing the right thing for him or not. It works out cheaper than the Eukanuba.

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Limit Dog or Bitch

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Holistic Food Empty Re: Holistic Food

Post by simbalove Sun Apr 25, 2010 11:31 pm

I have just had a look at their website as I haven't heard of this food. It would appear to be fine although I would have preferred to see a breakdown of the ingredients and also to know what part of the turkey they are using. The reason I say this is I feed Natures Menu frozen raw nuggets and I know that they use whole chicken ground up and if this is what Green Dog does then that is great - if however they use the junk not eaten by humans then I don'tknow??! The only thing I can say is that if Biscuit is thriving on it then great - and to be honest it definitely sounds better than eukanuba which has sugarbeet in it Sad

On the whole the site looks quite impressive - would be interested to hear from anyone else who has used it Very Happy
Just read they use whole raw materials not by-products.... still think they should put a break down of their ingredients!
EG Natures Menu tell me exactly what percentage of the food is what ie 60% Chicken, 20% tripe etc Very Happy

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